The Greater Cairo Pilot Moves Forward

Teachers First puts teachers at the heart of behavioral change, but without the support of school leaders.

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Teachers First puts teachers at the heart of behavioral change, but without the support of school leaders, supervisors and the wider education community this change would not be as impactful or sustainable.   Idara officials are a vital part of the journey towards education reform.  The Greater Cairo Pilot was set up to create a regional community of practice for leaders from 24 idaras across the modereyas of Cairo, Giza, Qalyoubeya and Sharkia. The aim was to see how Idaras, Modereyas and Teachers First could work together most effectively, to ensure the program has the maximum impact in schools.

“Teachers First has no limitation, it is for everyone. It is not for certain subject or department, it is like a homeland that gathers us all” comments a member.

Leaders supported Teachers First in their Idaras, as well as schools that have gone through official training and workshops. They expanded on their current duties of holding meetings, workshops and discussions with other leaders, visiting schools and supporting principals, and most importantly as supporting teachers on their continuous professional development journeys.

The pilot has now moved to a new stage of management after being completely run and monitored by Teachers First. Following 16 months of training and preparations, and as a result of the great faith that Teachers First has in educational leaders, the pilot’s team will now run it themselves. This will enable and empower them to assume further responsibility in supporting ambassadors of change within their various communities of practice, a core philosophy that Teachers First is built upon.

“Their collective ideas and unified vision will provide a strong support network for all members of the education profession and will lead future change in education” agree Sayeda Mubarak and Riham Eldegwi, members of the Teachers First team.