Alexandria Teachers First Event

Cairo, 26th December 2018


On 25th December 2018, Teachers First conducted “Alexandria Teachers First Lighthouse Harvest Event” at Bibliotheca Alexandria.  It is an event to show Teachers First Lighthouse School Networks learning, behavior change and professional development strengths, challenges, solutions and impact. The event helps do recognition of learning ambassadors, school principals and idara/Muderia officials who support 21 Alex Lighthouse school networks. Dr Mustafa El Fiki Head of Bibliotheca Alexandria, Dr Mohamed Omar MOETE Deputy Minister for Teachers’ Affairs representing Dr Tarek Sahwky MOETE Minister, Alex Governorate Secretary General, Head of Alex Muderia and Alex top officials.


Dr Mustafa El Fiki Head of Bibliotheca Alexandria assured that education reform is the key to develop the society in the twenty-first century. Dr Mohamed Omar MOETE Deputy Minister for Teachers’ Affairs assured that MOETE has started and extended Teachers First to help develop teachers’ mindset and professional behaviors to be ready to act upon other education reform processes productively.


There has been Lighthouse Network interactive discussion panel on which two learning ambassadors highlighted how Teachers First Lighthouse networks have helped them to develop, continue and share behavior change and professional development needs and experiences after they have joined Teachers First Associate Program, Workshops and Mentoring. Two learners shared how Teachers First has helped them to have different and enjoyable learning experience, making use of modern digital resources such as Egyptian Knowledge Bank. A school principal highlighted how school leaders help support Teachers First learning journey and impact.  Head of Alex Muderia highlighted how idaras and muderia help support Teachers First learning journey as well.


There has been Lighthouse Network Gallery Walk. The attendees went through Alex schools, teachers and learners’ products and initiatives that show how reflective teachers, communities of practice and school networks help to develop outstanding learners in stimulating learning environment. Schools and educational leaders were given certificates and thanking letters for their contribution and support of Teachers First Lighthouse Networks Program.


Teachers First Lighthouse Networks Program has been started in November 2017 to help learning ambassadors and communities of practice being engaged through post –workshops ripple events, lighthouse workshops and harvest events planned and led by learning ambassadors themselves on idara level. There are 1800 schools engaged in 143 longhouse networks across 10 areas.


So far, there are +261k teachers of registered on Teachers First behaviour change platform Lengo ®. It helps to capture and reflect on behaviour change experiences when and where the take place immediately.  Main and extended communities of practice impact on 5m learners on MOETE public schools across 21 areas. There are plans to extend Teachers First to more teachers, schools and areas.


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