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About Lengo®

Imagine Education’s Point of LearningTM system, LengoTM, captures learning in real time. It credits learners instantly for demonstrating learning, and it awards credits where learning happens, whenever it happens. In short, it is an immediate form of formative assessment that captures ‘granules’ of learning that illustrate incremental changes in behaviour over time.

The Point of Learning system addresses two key educational challenges that have thus far proven largely elusive, namely:

  • Assessing authentic, real time learning and providing instantaneous feedback
  • Recognising and accrediting learning in a range of contexts and situations.

The Point of Learning system depends upon learners carrying a learning credits card and assessors having access to a Point of Learning enabled device. When both of these are available, then learning credits can be issued immediately to individuals demonstrating the desired learning – at the point that the learning happens.

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