Yasmine Ismail

Team Leader

Yasmine is Cairo 1 Area Lead trainer at TF. She is an ALT for Aswan 1, an area which she was so interested to lead despite the long distance. She beliefs that Aswan will best deliver Teachers First’s message or “spread the virus”. In the previous phase, Yasmine was Cairo 1 Trainer, a position which she was dreaming about ever since she got her high school diploma from McLean High School, Virginia, U.S.A. in 1997 and returned to Egypt.
She joined Ain Shams university, Al-Alsun college majoring in the English Language so she can work in the education field and be able to achieve her lifelong goal one day by helping in Egypt’s education reform. As soon as she graduated in 2001, she worked in several international schools & attended the AUC teaching diploma for early learners along with participating in many educational forums. She served in number of areas outside her regular teaching duties in the school including chair of the data analysis committee, editor of the school’s newsletter & head stage manager of the annual shows. When she was nominated to be part of TF project, she dedicated with great passion all her time for it.