Shaymaa Saeed

Principal Trainer

Shaymaa Saeed graduated from faculty of Arts, English major, and was designated at once for being one of the Top Alumni. Whilst completing her teaching experience, Shaymaa dedicated her time and life to learning. She has always believed that as a teacher we have a requirement for continuous self-development and a responsibility to work on ways to best engage learners.
Shaymaa actively engaged in many courses, and as a result of her continuing success, later went on to be a trainer. She has lead professional development courses for Intel Teach, ICDL, Thinkquest, ISEF, and several other programs. Her aim was to engage and develop teachers so that their students would become stronger learners.
In the last four years, she has successfully completed two “Professional Educator” diplomas in AUC; “Integrating Technology in Classroom Education” and “Leadership”. What drove Shaymaa to complete these diplomas was that they were applicable inside classroom. Consequently, a new dream flourished, and her exuberant passion for driving behavioural change within education was realized. Shaymaa joined Teachers First in October 2015 and quickly demonstrated her understanding and ability to transform education to be more focused on student learning. As part of Teachers First, Shaymaa has lead training, developed materials and driven behavioural change for many teachers across Egypt. She now finds herself as the Principal Trainer for Teachers First and looks forward to driving behavioural change amongst teachers and enabling outstanding learners within all Egyptian Schools.