Samir Omara

Professional Development Lead

Since he got BA of Education in 1997, Samir Omara continues professional development. He got a special diploma of education, a professional diploma of special education, a “TEFL Course” in UK and an AUC diploma of educational leadership. He took part in many professional development activities that helped to develop his concern of CPD.
During his time as a teacher of English at “Melig Prep School”, he worked as a part-time trainer of “Intel Teach to the Future Program” that helped to develop his practice of teaching, teacher training and education technology. During his time as a senior teacher of English at “Integrated Distinct Governmental Language School”, he coached teams of learners who participated in many projects such as “Oracle ThinkQuest” and “Schools Online”. He worked as a part-time teacher trainer at the “Professional Academy for Teachers”, so his knowledge, skills and experience of training teachers, supervisors and principals were developed.
He was awarded “Ideal Teacher” and “Excellent Teacher” prizes. He was nominated as one of “TF National Ambassadors of Change”. He is a “lifelong learner” who likes reading and volleyball! Samir now works as the Professional Development Lead for Teachers First – to support trainers’, mentors and CoPs’ CPD.