Nasser EL-Gindy

Professional Development Support Team

Nasser remembers being so upset in class as a child because he did not understand what was being talked about in the classroom. He owes his academic success to an amazing teacher who changed his life. It is a long life of professional work and experience as a teacher about twenty years which full of challenges and professional development.
His name is Nasser El Gindy. He is a teacher of English language in Cairo Official Language school. He did some studies in the field of education; Master degree in methodology, Professional Educator Diploma in AUC, Diploma in Environmental Education from Ain Shams University, General Education Diploma from Tanta University, Translation Diploma from Cairo University and he is registered to have PHD.
His Teaching Philosophy:
He realizes that his main philosophy towards teaching is that he wants to make sure that as a teacher he conveys knowledge that goes beyond purely teaching academia, and extends to teaching students values, strength of character, morals, social dynamics, and life development.
His teaching methodologies main objective is to inspire learning of content as well as developing the skills necessary for students to explore content and draw intelligent conclusions independently.
Nasser believes the role of education is to prepare students for the world outside of school. Children have been given more responsibilities at a younger age in today’s society.
Nasser’s concerns through his life is to develop his career. This will be through knowing the latest trends in teaching and Education, so he found attending conferences and Training courses is the most useful way to develop himself. Working in delivering Teachers First gives him the opportunity to share his experience with others. As he was responsible for Evaluation in the Extended Pilot phase he touched how It is a great project to develop professional behaviours for teachers in Egypt