Gerges Yousry Ibrahim

Evaluation Lead

Mr. Gerges Yousry Ibrahim has begun work in education since the first moment of his graduation from Faculty of Education, Helwan University, in 2000, with final grade very good and degree of honor. This encouraged him to complete his professional development beside the work. He obtained a Diploma in Educational Technology from the American University in 2001 while working as a mathematics teacher in Egyptian public schools. During his work he has moved to experimental schools then future schools.
He obtained numerous professional development training courses at the American University and the British Cultural Council, which were concluded with obtaining a Master degree in mathematics teaching methods from Birmingham University, England in 2009. During the study period abroad he was the official spokesman of the Arab community in the university and the representative of expatriate students studying in the university at official forums. Beside that he taught mathematics in the United Kingdom public schools during his study stay.
Upon returning from the United Kingdom, he was nominated to work as an educational expert for the African Fund, an affiliated organ to the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2013.
In his continuous quest for professional development, he joined “Teachers First” program in 2016 as a trainee, then he was selected as a lead assessor in the program.