David Fairbairn-Day

Project Director Teachers First

David is an experienced and expert education development professional with a unique blend of teaching, education leadership and business skills. He has worked with governments, corporations, funding organizations and NGO’s advising on and developing projects for the use of technology in education. He has been involved in global education for over a decade having previously taught for 10 years and been an education consultant in the UK for 5.
He has spoken at and taken workshops at many international conferences such as including World Islamic Economic Forum, African Union, Global Education Leaders Programme, BESA, UNESCO, NAACE, Planet Earth Institute, International and Private Schools Education Forum (IPSEF). At the UNESCO ICT in Education conference he was awarded the honour of presenting the most innovative idea in educational technology. He has had a number of advisory roles such as Chief Education Adviser, EMEA, Knowledge Motion Ltd; Director, British Education Suppliers Association (BESA) and Chairman of the Software and Technologies Interest Group; and Education Adviser, One Future Renewables Ltd.
David has led on initiatives such as curriculum designer for national governments, as principal consultant for a national education project, creator and implementer of global education support programmes to support pre and post sales activities, running proof of concept (POC) and prototype programmes in several countries and developed proposals for the effective use of renewable technologies in accelerating educational change in developing countries.
He graduated from Loughborough University, UK with an Honours degree in Sports Science and a Certificate of Education. He has taught in Further Education, Secondary and Primary schools, leaving a post as Deputy Head teacher in 2001.
David lives in the UK with his wife and young daughter and enjoys the outdoor life as much as possible. He has represented his country in 2 sports and coached a national team for 3 years.

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Office Team

Sherif Nazir

Finance Officer

Sherif Nazir Nour Mohamed has worked within Finance, Human Resources, Customer Service and as a Tennis Coach. As part of these roles, he has worked with business clients, catering companies, event managers, customers, sportsmen, and banks to pay their client salaries and assist in their financial management.
Sherif has always enjoyed starting and running businesses. In fact, by the time he was 19 years old he had already worked for Vodafone (UK). Soon afterwards, he began working in customer service and advertising for Smash Tennis Academy.
From 2016, Sherif has built upon the knowledge and understanding acquired whilst studying at the Modern Technology Information University as a Financer, and now works for Imagine Education as Finance Officer for both the Teachers First project and Discovery Education teacher training program.
The things he loves most in life are spending time with friends, photography, cycling, playing football, sitting with my family, playing tennis, and praying.

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Mahitab Ahmed

HR Manager

Mahitab graduated from faculty of Arts English Department Ain shams University. From 2011 until 2015 Mahitab was working mainly in sales. She then decided to do a career shift in 2016 and worked for a while as a translator at the Police Academy. Finally, in April 2016 she joined Imagine Education as Administration and Project Support for the Teachers First project.
She has participated in organizing many of the key public events such as, ‘Engaging Key Stakeholders’, ‘Teachers First Annual Celebration’, and ‘Teachers First Area Launches’ in Aswan, Alexandria and Cairo. Mahitab has also played a key role in the Discovery project launching event. As a central member of the administration and project support team, her responsibilities also involve supporting the project Evaluation Team.

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Frass Hesham

Office and Procurement manager

Frass has graduated from school of Computer science department Information Technology in 2016. He took a mini MBA scholarship in Indiana University in the United States. Prior to completing his studies, Frass worked as a Graphic Designer in an Advertising company. During this time, he was selected for a scholarship for 100 Arab students to study Entrepreneurship in Indiana University out of 5000 applicants.
On returning, Frass started work as General Co-ordinator in Character Building Academy for couple years. He then worked in the airport as Air Traffic Controller for Saudi Arabia airlines, before moving to the Technical support team at Vodafone UK.
Frass now works for Imagine Education as the National Office and Procurement Manager in their Cairo base.
Key Previous Employers:
Graphic Designer
Traffic controller in the Airport
Office and procurement manager
Production & Operation Manager
Events Manager
Volunteering in many charitable activities
Sales person
General Coordinator

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