Workshop two, the journey continues

April 10, 2018

After a month of applying their new learnings, participating teachers returned for more knowledge and experience in workshop two of Teachers First. This workshop is very important as it allows teachers to reflect on their journey so far, as well as learn more of the behavioural framework that the program relies on.

The three main themes of the framework – Learning, Teaching and Assessment, were shared in workshop two. Teachers learned the behaviours that belong to each theme, along with descriptors that make understanding and applying these behaviours easier. They then came up with activity plans to apply them in the classroom and the school. Another crucial point of focus in this workshop is encouraging communities of practice to continue expanding. A wider community that includes teachers from all subjects and backgrounds allows a diverse flow of ideas and experiences that enriches the journey.

In addition to continuously reflecting on the results of their new learnings, approaches and applications, teachers are also encouraged to keep on sharing their experiences with their peers. This way, they both provide and receive the necessary support that sustains the professional development journey.

“I think starting with Lengo and building the community of practice really helped us prepare ourselves for the second workshop. I consider everything I have learned to be foundation stones, ones that make creative and informative teaching possible – I am very excited about the results this will yield”, said Mr. Atef Mohamed, an Arabic teacher from the modereya of Sharkia.