The Greater Cairo Pilot – Widening communities of practice to provide better communication opportunities

January 30, 2018

The Teachers First program is about the professional development of teachers.  Unlike other programmes it focuses on behaviours and combines formal workshops with ongoing mentoring and an online platform.  The program enables teachers to spread good practice and bring other teachers on the journey to improving the life chances of millions of children across Egypt.

A core element of the program is the development of communities of practice (CoPs).  The Greater Cairo pilot built on the foundations of the development of CoPs by extending the community to include officials and supervisors within Idaras and Modereyas.  Engaging more of the educational hierarchy in the program encourages open lines of communication, and feedback between teachers and their Idaras and Modereyas, which in turn supports the sustainable growth of communities of practice within schools. This also enables schools to become centres of excellence that assist in building the Egyptian learning society.

The pilot focuses on developing professional development of officials in Modereyas and Idaras in four key areas

  • Mentoring and follow-up
  • Quality assurance
  • Active learning
  • Supporting teachers practices

Cairo, Giza and Qalyoubeia were the three Modereyas selected for the pilot program, all of which have demonstrated incredible success. Participants implemented their learnings, and school support has notably increased. All participants have also been introduced to the behavioural platform Lengo®, and have been active members on it since.

The resulting efforts encouraged the consideration of expanding the pilot project to include more Modereyas, and see the same positive results reverberating through a wider range of schools across Egypt.

So, while the Greater Cairo Pilot was born as an experiment to bring teachers and education officials closer, it has now become a full program with the aim of raising the level of understanding and support for teachers across more Egyptian Modereyas, and eventually all of them.