Terms & Conditions of how to Apply for the Teachers First Program

October 8, 2017

The Ministry of Education and Teachers First are excited to announce the next phase of Teachers First. For you to be considered for entry into this phase, you must complete and submit this online application.

Please take note of the following information:

  • This route is the only way teachers and schools can be part of Teachers First
  • The application will be open from 12 October 2017 and will close on 24 October 2017 at midnight. All Schools wishing to be considered must have completed and submitted their application online by this time.
  • ‎Applications must be made by Schools and not individual teachers, preferably by the School Principal or someone with sufficient authority within the School.
  • Schools are to only complete the application once. Multiple applications may result in the School not being accepted.
  • ‎Schools must be Government funded schools.
  • ‎Schools who have already taken part in Teachers First will not be considered and are asked not to apply.
  • ‎Schools who applied during the previous phases of Teachers First and were not successful, are encouraged to reapply for this coming phase. Please complete the application fully.
  • ‎Schools who are successful in their application will be notified of this via the MoE and their Moderia. We apologise that due to the large number of schools applying, it will not be possible to inform schools who are unsuccessful.
  • ‎All sections of the application must be completed to be considered.
  • ‎Following acceptance into this phase of Teachers First, schools are committed to fulfil all their obligations in supporting Teachers First within their school.
  • All schools who are successful will be notified of their ‘Induction’ session at the point of acceptance into this phase of Teachers First. Attendance at the ‘Induction’ session is an essential requirement of participation.
  • Should you not be successful at this point, there will be future opportunities for your school to become part of Teachers First.