Terms & Conditions for behavioural video casting call

January 16, 2018

The Teachers First program is crafted to benefit all teachers in the Egyptian learning society. Our vision is to gradually expand to reach every one of you.

In the meantime and till we get there, we have decided to craft a course, accessible to all, that trains and prepares you till Teachers First reaches your school.

This course, called the Associates course, is a comprehensive summary of the behaviours taught in Teachers First workshops. The course contains explanatory videos to illustrate every segment, and is your first step on the way to continuous professional development.


We are currently looking for teachers and students to help us in filming videos for the course. If you are interested in applying, please read the terms and conditions below. And remember, your participation is helping your fellow teachers, fellow students and the development of the entire learning community.


Terms & Conditions for behavioural video casting call:


Criteria based on which participants will be chosen:

  1. 1. Teachers must be currently employed in a public school, ages between 21 and 40
  2. 2. Students must be currently enrolled in a public school, ages between 9 and 16
  3. 3. Must be from Greater Cairo Area due to mobility and transportation issues
  4. 4. Looks to the camera, doesn’t shy away
  5. 5. Outspoken, enunciates well


Audition video criteria:

– Video to be submitted in the comment section on the Facebook post (no videos sent in private messages will be accepted)
– The script provided must be followed.

– Only one video to be submitted per person
– Video not to exceed 30 seconds

– Setting must be clear, shot in the morning
– Sound must be clear

– Video must be in Arabic

*Deadline for submission is Tuesday 23rd January 2018, 15:00*

Notes for participants:

  1. 1. Shooting will take place within 3-4 days in January/February. If you are selected, you must attend all production functions during that time.
  2. 2. There will be no monetary payment for participating in this project
  3. 3. Transportation expenses and meals will be provided





Teacher video:

During Socratic questioning, the teacher is a model of critical thinking who respects students’ viewpoints, probes their understanding, and shows genuine interest in their thinking. The teacher poses questions so that a student might develop a deeper understanding.

  1. 1. Why do you say that?
  2. 2. How does this relate to our discussion?
  3. 3. What could we assume instead?
  4. 4. What do you think causes this to happen?

Student video:

“‘The teacher’ never tells us the answer straight out. ‘He / She’ will teach us the basics, but then for the rest of the lesson they are encouraging us think aloud about the different learning outcomes. Along the way ‘teacher’ will always ask us nudging, prodding or probing questions. These are not meant to scare you, but to get you on the right path. When you don’t get the right answer, she / he will ask scaffolding questions or ask others in the class, so that as a team, we feel like we’re getting the right answer in the end.”