Teachers first Celebrates its 15,000 member

December 7, 2017

Today the Ministry of Education recognized and thanked Ms. Hoda Ibrahim Youssef, the 15,000 member of the highly innovative and successful Teachers First program.


Ms. Youssef, an Arabic language teacher from Al-Yarmook Primary School is one of the 15,000 teachers who are inspiring not only the next generation of learners but other teachers as well through their communities of practice. Ms. Youssef was presented with a certificate of thanks as well as the 15,000th Lengo© card.


The ceremony took place during a Lighthouse School workshop in Gamal Abd El Nasser Preparatory School for boys, in the Idara of Al-Zawia Al Hamra in Cairo. Attendees at the event included Ms. Kawthar Mohamed El-Shafei, General Manager of the Al Zawya Idara.


Ms. Youssef said, “My very first job was that of a teacher. My journey started 27 years ago and I cannot imagine a point in my life where I would even consider doing something different. This is not just my school, it’s my home, my family, my heart. The Teachers First program has not just been about my journey but that of my students. The program has made my teaching more engaging and you can see this in the smiles of the children in my class. I was honored to be teacher number 15,000 and I feel privileged to have a job that allows me to change the lives of not just this generation but future generations as well”


Dr Tarek Shawki, Minister of Education said “Reaching 15,000 teachers across Egypt truly is an amazing milestone. The pace of the program and the speed of change has exceeded my expectations. Teachers are changing the lives and prospects of students every single day. I look forward to the day when we can say that every teacher across has benefited from this inspiring program”


About the Lighthouse Program
The Lighthouse Program was implemented to ensure that the core values of the Teachers First Program continue and that teachers don’t stop developing themselves and their students when the workshops come to an end. This critical component of the project is pivotal in building the capacity of the program, spreading the values of the program to schools in the wider community.