Teachers First begins its third phase seminars with Al Minya Governorate

December 14, 2017

Before the Teachers First workshops begin, a seminar is held in every participating governorate to acquaint heads of schools and Idara representatives with the program and its goals, strategies of execution and workshops. This phase, the first seminar was held in Al Minya governorate, a first-time participant in the Teachers First program.

The event began with engaging participants in brainstorms that were eventually used to highlight the importance of forward thinking, and the necessity of genuine willingness to participate in a longer-run cycle of change.  Using this, Teachers First was illustrated as a starting point on a journey towards professional and personal development for educators, that will eventually be mirrored for other esteemed professions across Egypt.

The team then proceeded to explain the need for the creation and implementation of sustainable behavioural development plans. They stressed that beginning with professional behaviour can pave the way for the development of all approaches and tools used by teachers. They also insisted that learnings that begin with one participating member can be propagated across the learning communities till it one day reaches every single Egyptian teacher. They then proceeded to explain the four pillars of the program – professional development, communities of practice, mentoring and Lengo©, the behavioural platform.  After the team introduced Teachers First, they proceeded to introduce themselves to the attendees, particularly the Minya venue team delivering and supporting the workshops there.

Also mentioned was the importance of the support provided to the teachers by the heads of their schools and the Idara mentors, both morally and in facilitating holding the communities of practice meetings. One of the many purposes of the program is to eventually create a sustainable environment where all supports all.

The questions and answers portion of the seminar covered topics such as educational reform beginning with teachers, as teachers are the most important educational asset we possess and with their willpower, anything can be executed. Becoming an agent of change for positive development in Egyptian education was one of the most highlighted themes of this highly successful, encouraging event.