30,000 teachers are now part of the teachers first journey

April 5, 2018

30,000 teachers are now part of the teachers first journey

Teachers First passed a new milestone with Ms. Rehab Hassan, the 30,000 member of the highly innovative program.


Ms. Hassan comes from Al Minya governorate, one of the newest modereyas to join Teachers First. She is a member of the extended community of practice of Guweid School for Basic Education in the Idara of Abu Qurqas.


In a celebration held at the school and attended by high-ranking representatives from the modereya of Al Minya and the idara of Abu Qurqas, as well as Dr. Ahmed Hashish, Head of the Central Department for Educational Leaders Development, Ms. Hassan was presented with a certificate of appreciation and thanks for joining the program. She now begins her journey as an ambassador of change within and beyond her community of practice.


“Teachers First would not have reached this milestone without the trust and hard work of Egyptian teachers. Your efforts are what feeds the continuous development of Egyptian education and are going to rise up with the Egyptian learning society,” said Dr. Hashish.


“I have the most supportive community and headmaster. Doing what we do is only possible by both believing in our message and through the support of those who believe in it as much as we do. I am thankful for all my colleagues, for programs like Teachers First and for all my students who are willing to open up to new ways of learning,” said Ms. Hassan.