LENGO Reporting Tool is now LIVE

November 13, 2017

Teachers around the country have been taking advantage of LENGO® to track their professional development progress, awarding credits to peers and sharing best practice through the community area. Now LENGO has gotten even better with the new LENGO Reporting Tool, with a great new design that puts great data at your fingertips.



The dashboard has new icons allowing you to visualize your professional development in a single page. The dashboard makes it easy for you to view:

  1. 1. Basic member information.
  2. 2. Totals and progress analysis.
  3. 3. Activity per theme over the last 180 days.
  4. 4. Total credits, user interaction and community interaction over time.
  5. 5. Credit types and activity over time.
  6. 6. Activity by type.
  7. 7. Credit type and user interaction against the framework.



Increase efficiency with the live views giving you a snapshot of your development and spend less time in progress monitoring, you will absolutely love it!

The new Credit ratio gives you a quick summary of credit types and calculated percentage from 3 credit types. Credit frequency shows you how often credit activity happens, you will always be on top of your development plans.  

We have also added an ability for you to download your portfolio as a CSV or PDF file.

“LENGO comes with me inside my classroom assessing my professional behaviors and empowers me with real-time insights into my progress”, Heba Ezzat, Science Teacher at Zahraa School.