Lengo® hits 1,000,000 points

September 19, 2018

Teachers First is proud to announce that its behavioural platform Lengo® officially passed 1,000,000 credit points awarded to Egyptian teachers. The millionth credit point went to Ms. Rada Mohamed Abd El-Azeem of Bani-Mazar Public High School, Al-Minya.

Today we continue the achievements and successes of teachers in the program and specifically in using Lengo®. We would like to congratulate Ms. Abd el-Azeem, from Bani Mazar public high school, on the one millionth credit point.

Lengo® is one of the main pillars that supports Teachers First and all professional development journeys of teachers, inside and outside the classrooms. This behavioural platform captures learning when and where it happens by allowing teachers to award themselves and their peers credits when they achieve a desired behaviour at school. It also allows teachers to take ownership of their journeys, and accurately assess, increase and celebrate their development. Lengo® also strengthens the ties between members of the immediate and extended communities of practice, allowing them the opportunity to exchange ideas, experiences and of course, credit points.

Bani-Mazar Public Highschool joined Teachers First in February 2018 as one of the first schools in the modereya of Al Minya to begin their professional development journey with the program. Ms. Rada is part of the school’s extended community of practice, which continued to grow and improve. They set an example in their surrounding community by reopening the school’s development center room and holding workshops for all school staff. The school also pays visits to neighbouring schools, training them and establishing a strong teaching and learning network.