Embrace change through Teachers First

April 13, 2017

Between the 9 th and 21 st March the Teachers First education team delivered a workshop to 1,387
teachers. The theme was Learning and Teaching. The workshop covered a whole range of activities
and strategies that participants could then take into their classrooms. By practising the activities in a
workshop environment this gave the participants the confidence to try them in their own
classrooms. Many mentioned that the development of Communities of Practice really enhanced
their teaching and the feedback session at the end of the workshop allowed teachers an opportunity
to reflect and share on their experience and learn from each other. A clear message coming out of
the workshop are that teachers are willing to change, they want to embrace change to improve the
lives of their students. Ms. Soaad Fawzy a teacher from El-Shahied Ziad Faragallah told one of the
Teachers First education team:
“I joined the project convinced that it was only useful for young teachers or people new to teaching.
I didn’t think teachers who had been teaching for a long time like myself could change. I know, with
my colleagues, feel we can lead change across Egypt, starting with my own school. Teachers First
encouraged me to change my behaviours and acquire new skills from different areas that were
impossible for me to acquire before”