Dr.Tarek shawki in the teachers first celebration: The president wants to much to develop education .

October 18, 2016

“A presidential celebration of the first group of graduates of the teachers’ first project”
A celebration was organized yesterday by the specialized Council for Education and Scientific Research affiliated to the Egyptian presidency to celebrate the success of the first prototype phase of “the teachers’ first project. The new techniques of training that had been used by the schools that participated in the project were displayed and the efforts of the trained teachers had been honored.
The specialized council in a cooperation with imagine education company made that project for enabling the citizens to gain benefits form what is called the learning communities .The project aims to create a new generation of professional and specialized teachers in their subjects and in the learning process so that they can analyze the aims of education in a different and creative way .They will accomplish that through creating the best learning environment , choosing the right learning experiences , the right kind of evaluation , raising the quality of learning outcomes , and improving the quality of education as a whole .The project also aims to raise the position of teachers in the society and establish the first learning community that can achieve the economic growth for the country . The scientific method of the project rely on teams that are called ambassadors of change who will be in schools and who will work on building a culture of innovation .they will also do their best to transfer and apply the vision and message of the project inside their classes and will work on having a radical change upon all the students. Those ambassadors will also cooperate with other teachers to improve the educational system through focusing on developing some professional and pedagogical behaviors .By applying those professional behaviors in their school communities continuously, they will be able to develop other new behaviors and that will have a great positive impact upon the students as well as teachers.
Dr.Tarek shawki, the secretary-general of specialized councils affiliated to the Egyptian presidency and the Chair of the Specialized Presidential Council for Education & Scientific Research, stated during the ceremony that celebrating the graduation of 100 schools from is something that brings happiness and he expressed that the first group represents a great hope for Egypt and for the future of education.
He added that the president Abd El.Fatah EL.sisi has a deep desire in developing education despite all the problems that we face so there was a claim of a society that learn, think and innovate and he also assured that the idea is very interesting and without the support of the president and Viva Egypt box it would not see the light.
He also said that the results of the training is obvious on the trained teachers in a good way therefore those teachers will be a good start to develop education .He clarified that the training is completely new and different as it changes the performance of the teachers totally .He mentioned also that a website has been created so that teachers can share ideas and knowledge with one another and with the trainers as well and that their performance will be assessed by themselves , their peers and their assessors .
He added that the job of the teachers changed in a great manner therefore the teachers need to consider the curiosity that they see inside the eyes of their students so that they can make a good use of it.
He said that we need to teach the children how to cook not to only memorize the recipe.
(( Just to clarify that point that was mentioned in the newspaper : he said that as a comment of something he mentioned about his family life .He said whenever He watches a food program with his wife , she knows for sure that he has a very a good memory so he memorizes the recipes very well and can tell her the ingredients of any recipe .However when It comes to cooking he fails and she excels because it’s not enough for you to know the ingredients of the recipe but you have to know how to use the ingredients to have a beautiful dish , the people clapped a lot for that a mazing example )) .
He mentioned that whenever the teachers make a progress it’s recorded through a smart card and that this application is called Lengo. Through that application the teacher can assess his progress by giving himself points and he will also be able to get other points from his peers and that this system will encourage the teachers to