Hanan Radwan

What was the impact of “Teachers First” on your professional behaviours as a teacher?

The “Teachers First” programme had an obvious impact on my professional behaviours as a teacher, where it made me believe in teamwork. We became now (we) not (I) and sharing experiences became the basics of the profession. Also, “Teachers First” programme engages us in a continuous professional development through self-assessment, peer assessment and trainer assessment.

How do you see the impact of “Teachers First” on your students’ learning?

I believe that the teacher is a role model for many generations for his impact on his students. So if the teacher was well developed, creative and self-confident, he will consequently affect the students through delivering his lessons in different ways where he brings in a lot of different professional behaviours making the students creative, developing, self-confident, able to acquire knowledge and various skills from different learning sources, and participating in the non-routine educational process. This develops the sense of belonging to the homeland, family and school.

What makes “Teachers First” different?

First: “Teachers First” programme difference starts with its name as it started with the teacher and made us proud of being teachers.
Second: “Teachers First” programme is characterized by the continuity of follow-up by mentors and trainers beyond the training, providing moral support and collaboration to overcome difficulties, unlike any other training that ends by the end of the workshops.

As a teacher, how being part of a community of practice has developed you?

I became more active, optimistic and cooperative with my colleagues through sharing experience that we gained during training in the project and continuing to evaluate each other to get the best results. I believed in the importance of change, both on personal and general level. I started to be more reflective about how to teach in different interesting, useful and non-conventional ways, and how to involve students in the educational process.

What are the most significant influences of the community of practice on your school?

My school became one professional community where we encourage each other and share experiences and views. Also we discuss school problems together to reach the best solutions …
There is also the support of all school leaders as they believe in the importance of change for the better.

What is the long term impact of “Teachers First” project in your opinion?

The impact of “Teachers First” project must extend to the educational curricula, students assessment techniques, as well as continuing to work on raising the teacher’s professional level and financial status to become the most important person in the community.