Enas Hussein Kamal Elshamy

What was the impact of “Teachers First” on your professional behaviours as a teacher?

“Teachers First” programme had a very, very positive influence on my behaviour as a teacher. It has awakened my enthusiasm and positive attitude in all aspects of my work, and integrated technology in the educational process making it more enjoyable. I became a mentor for the students to bring out their capabilities which have long been blocked due to the narrator or spoon feeding old role which I have been doing before “Teachers First” programme. I realized the value of teamwork between members of Community of Practice, experience sharing and negating my “ego”. I realized that my value does not lie in the information I pile up, but rather in the number of people who benefit from my knowledge and ideas and the spread of these ideas.

How do you see the impact of “Teachers First” on your students’ learning?

The student developed a greater role in the educational process. Dividing the class into groups made all students active and left no student neglected. The educational process became more interesting and influential to the student. The student learns without the great effort he used to spend earlier when he was just a listener as he became involved in the preparation and implementation of the lesson. The learner became able to dig out and infer information for himself, independently from the teacher, becoming thus a lifelong learner which is the objective of “Teachers First” programme. The programme has released the submerged energies within the student, for “every student has a creative aspect”. The rowdy student’s aggressiveness began to fade out as we positively unsheathe these energies.

What makes “Teachers First” different?

“Teachers First” programme is different as it depends on the continuous professional development rather than a training programme limited to a specific period of time. There is a permanent evaluation and follow-up through the “Teachers first” website, uploading achievements to share experiences, and also the self and peer-assessments through “Lengo” application.

As a teacher, how being part of a community of practice has developed you?

As a teacher, I always look for the latest in teaching methods, care for permanent development of my work to escort this evolution procession. I deal with students as a friend and mother more than before. I became interested in students details and work on dealing with all issues.

What are the most significant influences of the community of practice on your school?

My school became a beehive, all racing for innovation and transferring their expertise to their colleagues to benefit them. Teamwork became a life style where negative competition was replaced by positive competition for the overall benefit.

What is the long term impact of “Teachers First” project in your opinion?

“Teachers First” programme will create an awesome positive learning community. It will create a positive learner able of lifelong learning. The dependent learner, who waits for information to readily come to him, will disappear with the emergence of the learner who is able to find the information by himself. The existence of communities of practice will create a creative spirit that works on sustainable professional development as everyone works to prove that he deserves to be a member of these prestigious communities. It will make the learning process interesting and enjoyable rather than routine and boring. It will establish the concept of education for life rather than just for success and excellence. It will spread a culture that does not limit education and learning to a certain age or time but views it as a lifetime process.