Dr. Asmaa Abdel- Moneem Ahmed Haridi

What was the impact of “Teachers First” on your professional behaviours as a teacher?

“Teachers First” programme had an obvious impact on my professional behaviours as a teacher. I became more reflective on what I provide to my students and more interactive with my colleagues. The programme had a huge ability to develop the concept of sharing life as well as professional experiences with colleagues, which helped improving my competence and my performance as a teacher.

How do you see the impact of “Teachers First” on your students’ learning?

Among the obvious impacts on students are their growing passion for the educational process and increased willingness to learn due to better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses as learners. This has led to improved student performance level which stemmed from developing self confidence through participating in the teaching and learning process with their ideas, creativity and different activities rather than being just passive learners. This was what “Teacher First” programme was calling for.

What makes “Teachers First” different?

In my opinion, “Teachers First” difference lies in its applicability in real world and effectiveness and suitability to the educational system in Egypt. The flexibility of all actors and willingness to make the change may help develop the programme when necessary, in addition to the continuous monitoring of the trainees progress which is not always present in other programmes.

As a teacher, how being part of a community of practice has developed you?

Just the existence of a community of practice, where a group of teachers can share thoughts and perspectives and have a common vision and goal, is a real development for any member of the community. Being part of the community of practice, I have to admit that I have developed in so many aspects, namely being more able to share my classroom experience with my colleagues, leading to greater opportunities for adaption and correction and thus more interaction and more sharing of experiences. But most importantly, from my perspective, I became both teacher and learner at the same time.

What are the most significant influences of the community of practice on your school?

I can say that the most important influence of the community of practice on my school is the awareness of many teachers of the importance of constructive interaction between teachers and its impact on students.

What is the long term impact of “Teachers First” project in your opinion?

I think that the long term impact of “Teachers First” programme will be focused on many aspects, including:
On teachers:
a) Becoming able to adapt their teaching styles to meet students’ needs and different ability levels;
b) Becoming able to make fair assessments of the students;
c) Becoming able to create a cultural classroom environment which helps raising students’ cognitive level and increasing constructive interaction among them and with the teacher;
d) Acquiring a genuine awareness of the moral goal of his teaching profession.
On students:
a) Enjoying the educational process, loving both study and school.
b) Shifting from being passive to being an effective thinking element in school and the wider community, turning to be a real learner. Learning is the result of thinking, and students learn better when they make sense of what they learn and acquire profound insight of its meaning.
c) Shifting classroom learning into active learning focusing on student contribution to learning materials, engagement in classroom and mutual collaboration in and outside the classroom.