Ashraf Abdel-Ghany Ahmed

What was the impact of “Teachers First” on your professional behaviours as a teacher?

The project has influenced my performance in terms of considering behaviours never considering before, such as student engagement during the lesson, student-led activities, communication with students through thinking walls, the importance of displaying working walls in the classroom, celebrating learners’ work and the importance of colleagues’ collaboration in developing and delivering lessons.

How do you see the impact of “Teachers First” on your students’ learning?

Teachers First impact on students was obvious in terms the perceived difference: they now participate in everything with the teacher; movement and games in the classroom introduced fun to the lessons leading to commitment to attendance and lower level of absenteeism.

What makes “Teachers First” different?

It is different because of the simplicity of teaching and learning methods, far from routine and traditional work. Its focus on enjoyment while learning rather than compulsion. The persistence in sending positive vibrations to teachers and on shifting their interest in all aspects of the learning and teaching process: teacher, student, inspector and principal.

As a teacher, how being part of a community of practice has developed you?

As a teacher, being a member of a community of practice has helped me develop as I was the coordinator, acting as the leader, of the community of practice. This made me take responsibility and commit to punctuality leading to being nominated by the school administration to be vice-principal for high school.

What are the most significant influences of the community of practice on your school?

The impact of the community of practice on the school was planting the seed of change. The school has relied on the community of practice in implementing many projects and in taking collaborative decisions.

What is the long term impact of “Teachers First” project in your opinion?

Teachers First may have a long term impact in the instance of sustained follow-up and commitment from the project administration.