CEO of Imagine Education
Founder and CEO of Education Fast Forward

Jim is the CEO of Imagine Education, a global education consultancy company that acts as a trusted adviser to Governments and other organizations, to explore the intelligent use of technology to improve teaching and learning. Prior to this Jim was Chief Education Officer at Promethean, an international education technology company, where he was responsible for the Education Strategy Group who drove the company’s strategic thinking and direction in education matters and product development.

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Director of Education, Chairman of Imagine Education

Dr Baldev Singh currently heads the Strategic Education Developments at Imagine Education. Baldev was involved in the design and delivery of an ICT teacher training program in 6 countries in the Middle East region. He has been a lead consultant providing support for a range education projects in over 40 countries.

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Managing Director, Imagine Education

Adrian is a former English teacher and senior school manager. His school based experience also included managing the professional development of pre-service teachers and driving the use of technology in the classroom. In the late ’90s he was a fellow of Bristol University as part of a government funded research project into technology and education. This triggered his interest in the potential of technology to improve learning outcomes and the implications on the role of teachers and education systems.

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Project Director Teachers First

David is an experienced and expert education development professional with a unique blend of teaching, education leadership and business skills. He has worked with governments, corporations, funding organizations and NGO’s advising on and developing projects for the use of technology in education. He has been involved in global education for over a decade having previously taught for 10 years and been an education consultant in the UK for 5.

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Professional Development Consultant

Hamish has had a passion for global education from a young age. During his degree and beyond he worked for charities developing community education projects in South Africa, Monserrat and Romania. He has been researching and developing his ideas for local and global education ever since…

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Project Manager Teachers First

John has developed and managed technical, commercial and financial training and e-learning programmes that contributed to the advanced performance of diverse organisations for the last 25 years.

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Tracy Kennedy brings a unique skill set to any role that requires passion, innovation, and education experience. Combining nearly 20 years of private and public sector experience in utilizing technology to enhance teaching and learning with her passion for building human capacity, Tracy is able to take on a wide variety of client challenges and deliver meaningful outcomes.

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Nick has extensive experience as a school leader within the UK and has worked with colleagues across Europe. He has lead teams in the development of a number of new schools including as Principal of the first state funded school in the UK to be sponsored by an overseas organisation. He is driven by a desire to develop successful approaches to change-management having worked on projects to initiate challenging but exciting organisational and curriculum change.

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George Glass has almost forty years of experience in education of which thirty years have been in senior management positions in schools.

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Head of Products

Frank has delivered numerous projects for Imagine; designing accessible content and format of teacher toolkits, virtual learning environments for schools and portals for educational organisations aimed at global projects.

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Head of Product Development

Andy joined Imagine Education as his first job in 2010 straight after finishing his ‘A-Levels’ and ‘Further Education’ courses at his secondary school in Bristol where he also met Frank Ward who he now works with at Imagine Education.

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Head of Operations

Mary is Head of Operations at Imagine Education and supports the whole team in the delivery of projects. Mary is also the Chief Operating Officer at Education Fast Forward which runs online, global education debates.

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Project Manager

Joanne provides support across the team on a wide range of projects. Joanne is also Head of Projects at Education Fast Forward, a UK based charity, which runs online education debates.

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Operations Support

Samantha is a member of operations at Imagine Education. She works as Operations Support providing support for the team across the business. Prior to working for Imagine Education, Samantha has worked across primary and secondary schools as a Learning Support Assistant. She has also worked in a variety of administration roles.

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Ashraf Magdd

Deputy Project Director

Ashraf has been involved in educational technology training for the last six years. His experience includes the designing, implementation and evaluation of training programs to suit both small and large implementations.

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