A Conversation between Dr. Tarek Shawki and Students

Dr. Tarek Shawki in a discussion with students from various Lighthouse Schools. This was during the Teachers First conference, that shed light on the program’s journey towards leading positive change in Egyptian education.


Reaching out to future partners

Teachers First is on a continuous journey to expand till we reach all 27 modereyas. Till this happens, the program is carrying out several initiatives that aim to bring it closer with teachers who have not participated yet. In light of this, we have held several "reach out" events in the modereyas that held the highest numbers of applications (less than those who were accepted). We have visited Qena, Sohag, the Red Sea and Ismailia, with the latter being extra special as it brought together other modereyas which are Port Said, Suez and South Sinai (North Sinai was keen on attending but could not due to logistical reasons). We were joined by the highest officials of the modereyas in every governorate as well as Dr. Ahmed Hashish, Head of the Central Department for Educational Leaders Development. In Ismailia specifically, we were joined by Governor Yaseen Taher himself, along with other modereya of Ismailia officials and esteemed high officials of the other attending modereyas. Details on the program were shared with the attendees, who were comprised of officials and teachers. Questions were answered and expectations were shared. With Teachers First on its path to develop professional behaviours inside classrooms and schools, Egypt guarantees founding a unqiue and innovative learning society that is able to make a difference.

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Teachers First in action

We are no longer living in knowledge societies, we live in learning societies where knowledge has been commoditized, it is how knowledge is used and created that will transform economies, not knowledge itself. Teacher First in action across Egypt’s governorates.