A Conversation between Dr. Tarek Shawki and Students

Dr. Tarek Shawki in a discussion with students from various Lighthouse Schools. This was during the Teachers First conference, that shed light on the program’s journey towards leading positive change in Egyptian education.

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Bringing the Associates Program to all Egyptian teachers

Teachers First is working towards delivering workshops to every Egyptian governorate with the goal of training all Egyptian teachers. The first step for teachers now is to complete The Associates Program, on online introductory program that helps teachers understand core principals and that sets them off on a journey towards sustainable professional development. course. It combines theoretical and practical elements that reflect the content of the Teachers First’s workshops in a simple, easy to understand manner. The behavioral change framework is comprised of 47 behaviours, and each comes with explanatory text and videos. At the end of the material there is a comprehensive assessment tool. This tool produces an action plan that teachers can immediately begin using in their classroom. Teachers have been quick to embrace The Associates Program with many teachers signing up the day the program went live.  One of the biggest benefits to participating in the program is access to the forums.   The forums are a discussion area moderated by a team of experienced teachers who can help guide participants and share their knowledge. “I am truly happy that I am learning new things from everyone on here. The Associates Program and the forum discussions have affected me greatly. I was urged to begin planning and reflecting on topics that will help my learners, ones that can be associated with the curriculum. This will help us build characters that are able to head straight into the job market and immediately succeed socially” said Ms. Salwa Kassem from Sohag. Teachers First wants more teachers to benefit from this unique opportunity so if you haven’t signed up, do it today and start your journey towards sustainable professional development.

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Teachers First in action

We are no longer living in knowledge societies, we live in learning societies where knowledge has been commoditized, it is how knowledge is used and created that will transform economies, not knowledge itself. Teacher First in action across Egypt’s governorates.

The Teachers First Associates Program is now available for all Egyptian teachers

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