LENGO as a gateway between individual and collaborative learning

LENGO is an immediate form of formative assessment that captures ‘granules’ of learning to develop a richer, contextualized & more detailed picture. It supports a move away from assessment being largely a demonstration of knowledge recall, to one that captures changes in behavior over time. In utilizing the PoL system, learning can be instantly acknowledged & recorded, with the learner becoming more active & reflective in both the learning & assessment processes.


Workshop one, the start of the journey

The journey through Teachers First starts with workshop one.  At this workshop we bring teachers together from across the moderyas to educate them about the fundamentals of the program.  The workshop gives teachers the opportunity to take time away from their schools, learn new ways to manage their classrooms, and gives them the space to think and share. Workshop one is also where communities of practice are formed for the first time. These communities provide a supportive environment where experiences are exchanged and peer-to-peer support is counted on. Mentors also introduce themselves to the teachers as companions during their workshop journey. Through the mentorship program, support is provided as teachers begin using new approaches in the classrooms. Lengo® cards are also presented in workshop one. The behavioural platform is a tool that helps teachers track their professional performance. This is done by awarding themselves and their peers points for achieved behaviours. Lengo® allows them to take ownership of their journeys, and look at their learning as a constantly developing process. “Sharing my experience inside the classroom with my colleagues has become vital to me. I constantly review my work and see myself through their feedback, which allows me to develop. I can see the improvement reflected in how my students react to each lesson, and this makes me continue applying the new methods,” remarked Ms. Mona Mohammed, one of the Cairo workshop attendees, when we followed up with her after the workshop. By embracing the idea of continuous development, teachers become life-long learners. It becomes easier for them to pass the message to their students, creating an ever-evolving Egyptian learning society.

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Teachers First in action

We are no longer living in knowledge societies, we live in learning societies where knowledge has been commoditized, it is how knowledge is used and created that will transform economies, not knowledge itself. Teacher First in action across Egypt’s governorates.

Cairo : 2,430 Teachers

Giza : 843 Teachers

ِAlexandria : 831 Teachers

Aswan : 1,811 Teachers

Qalubyya : 1,116 Teachers

Al-sharkia : 667 Teachers

Kafr el Sheikh : 788 Teachers

Bani Suef : 663 Teachers