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A Conversation between Dr. Tarek Shawki and Students

Dr. Tarek Shawki in a discussion with students from various Lighthouse Schools. This was during the Teachers First conference, that shed light on the program’s journey towards leading positive change in Egyptian education.

Important notice

Due to a small number of malicious people mis-using the Associates Program,
we have had to temporarily suspend the ability for to print your Certificate of Completion.
You will still be able to print your action plan as part of the assessment part of the program.


Handover of TF platform

On the third anniversary of the program, Teachers First announces its teacher platform is moving from April 2019 to be managed and run within Egypt. This point of learning platform allows teachers to instantly record their and each other’s achievements in their professional development journey. This technical platform also allows teachers to upload evidence, teaching resources and examples of the changes to their teaching practices. These are then available for other teachers in Egypt to access, use and get new ideas themselves from. Teachers First is a globally unique teacher development program that focusses on helping teachers in government schools to reflect on how they teach, giving them the tools and strategies to improve and allow them take part in a professional development journey that will stay with them through their professional career. The Teachers First platform has until now been managed in the UK, but from April 2019 will be managed and run by an Egyptian partner company.

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Teachers First in action

We are no longer living in knowledge societies, we live in learning societies where knowledge has been commoditized, it is how knowledge is used and created that will transform economies, not knowledge itself. Teacher First in action across Egypt’s governorates.

The Teachers First Associates Program is now available for all Egyptian teachers

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